What God Says About Gay Marriage and Why Pastors Cannot Relent
Is Romney Using A Familiar Strategy To Garner Support For Another Run?
Author/contributor, Tricia Erickson As a Crisis Management strategist, I learned very quickly that the first step to winning a battle is to know as much about your enemy as possible. In the past, I have hired companies to gather information about the person, company or group who are leading the
President Obama Mislead On The Reason For Jim Foley’s Murder In His Speech

The never ending camouflage of the truth comes from our President’s words, yet again. I quote his purposed “politically correct” distortions here:

  • “ISLE speaks for no religion”
  • “No faith teaches people to massacre innocents”
  • “ISLE has no ideology of any value to human beings”

Well, Obama, Islam is based on the Koran. ISLE is following their religion perfectly by the maiming and beheading of innocents. For the sake of the reality of why non-Islamists are to be murdered, let me quote some scriptures from the Koran: PLEASE GO TO THIS SAFE LINK FOR FULL STORY: http://www.theconservativepundit.net/?p=1884

Abortion, The Real “War On Women”

I am so sick and tired, yes, sick and tired, of hearing about the “War On Women” while women fill abortionist’s offices to terminate the life of their own female (and male) babies. The left has labeled those who are against the act of abortion as “warring” against women even though the lives of the little female babies within them are being slaughtered at the altar of the female mother’s “right to choose”. Go here to this safe link for full story: http://www.theconservativepundit.net/?p=1834

Will Mitt Romney Fulfill The Definition Of Insanity?

Albert Einstein defined the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

While a major percentage of Americans, including me, lament that Obama is our President, will we fulfill the definition of insanity by propping up Mitt Romney, yet again, to lose another election? Or will we learn from our Karl Rove mistakes and place a solid and sane leader into The Office Of The Presidency in 2016?

For full story please go to this safe link: http://www.theconservativepundit.net/?p=1825

Romney Establishment Politico continues his “war on marriage”, of which he is the “father” of gay marriage to America. Romney is Carl Rove’s golden boy
Oprah Winfrey Plays The Race Card
Could Harry Reid Be A Closet Racist Calling The Kettle Black?

On a recent media interview, Harry Reid planted the false seed that the GOP filibusters and holdups in Congress by Republicans who oppose the president may be based on race. He lamented that he hoped opposition to Obama was “based on substance and not the fact that he’s an African-American.”

As Harry Reid suggests that the GOP opposition may be race based, what the press will not report on is that Harry Reid, himself, belongs to a historically racist religious group and has never denounced his allegiance to the extreme racism within it. For Harry Reid to support racism by remaining a prominent member of his church that has never apologized for its blatant racism is like the pot calling the kettle “black” (pun intended).

Read full op-ed article here: http://www.theconservativepundit.net/?p=1555 

See U-tube interview with Brian Fischer on gay marriage & polygamy.

He interviewed me on this here: http://youtu.be/jFH3t8zTUbM